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Closing Off Areas and Restricting Access

Marking out danger zones and making it clear where people should not go is all a part of keeping everyone safe. Different materials send different messages and Outpak Resources sells a range of bollards, bunting and cones. Our HI-VIS Traffic Cones can help to guide traffic in a given direction, whereas the HI-VIS Mesh Barrier Mesh 1m x 50m physically blocks access to restricted zones. Orange Flag Bunting also physically restricts access, but at the same time allows easy access for authorised persons. The Caution Sign – CLOSED FOR CLEANING is useful for temporarily closing off areas for optimal cleaning, although in many facilities such as public toilets, it is common practice these days to allow people to use the facilities while they are being cleaned. In these cases, a warning about slippery floors, for example, could be adequate.


Choosing the Right Gloves – Latex, Nitrile and Vinyl

Be sure to order more disposable gloves when the supplies are running low, before they run out. The Triple Glove Dispenser allows you to supply gloves in a range of sizes to your team members and can be mounted to a wall. A Single Glove Dispenser is also available if you only use one type of glove. Many people suffer from latex allergies, and here our Premium Nitrile Powder-Free Gloves can be a good option. Nitrile gloves have a higher puncture resistance and are often referred to as “medical grade”. They can be worn for a long time and work well for high-risk situations, for example handling infectious material. Our vinyl gloves, on the other hand, are very suitable in the food industry. They are the cheaper option, which make them ideal for food handling, where gloves need to be changed often.

Look After Yourself with Protective Clothing

Outpak sells a variety of disposable clothing to meet your needs from head to toe. Our Crimped Berets (hair nets) come in a range of colours and sizes, and a separate Beard Cover is also available. Surgical Face Masks come with two loops to secure positioning and provide added comfort. The Disposable Apron – Heavy Duty may be just the protection you need, while a Disposable Waterproof Visitor Coat with Hood provides coverage from front to back, including your sleeves. Separate LDPE Sleeve Covers are included in our range as are Heavy Duty Shoe Covers. The latter are available with an anti-skid option for added safety.

Premium Hearing Protection

Noise induced hearing loss cannot be reverted. It has to be prevented. At Outpak we understand the importance of protecting your hearing and sell a range of premium ear plugs and earmuffs. Investing in the right ear protection for you is critical as it increases the chances that you will actually wear it. Uncomfortable ear protection can be frustrating for employees and may result in the protection not being worn. We sell a variety of corded and uncorded earplugs as well as the Pithon Earmuff Class 5 31dB. The Probell Disposable Uncorded Earplugs – Class 5 is our most economical disposable earplug option.