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Standardised Packing Boxes for Ease of Storage

Outpak Resources sells different sized cardboard boxes for a range of packing needs. Packing your goods in standardised moving boxes allows for easier stacking and storage before, during and after transit. Just make sure your packing boxes are adequately labelled, since this will be the only way to identify its contents once it has been sealed, apart from reopening it, of course. Our A4S Carton and AA4 Carton are the most cost-effective styles of carton.

Stocking a Heavy-Duty Option for Plastic Bags

While you don’t want to be responsible for your customers’ shopping to fall through the thin checkout bag, neither do you want to be paying extra for heavy duty bags, when a more economical all-purpose bag would do the job. The solution is always having a well-stocked range of both types of checkout bags and training your staff to identify quickly whether the Checkout Bags – All Purpose will suffice or if the Checkout Bags – Heavy Duty are necessary to hold the goods. While the savings on a single plastic bag are minimal, developing good routines and practices can save your business money in the long term.

Keeping Your Workspace Tidy with Bin Liners for Every Bin

Having a good supply of bin liners is critical to maintaining a clean and tidy workspace. Failing to line a rubbish bin with a fresh bin liner actually creates more work in the long run. Basically, taking the time to ensure that there are always bin liners in stock and that bins are relined whenever they have been emptied saves you the time and trouble of picking up rubbish that has been left lying around and cleaning the actual rubbish bin that is now coated with all kinds of residue, often causing a bad smell. Our Bin Liner 120L – Medium and Heavy Duty is perfect for large rubbish bins, while the Kitchen Tidy 27L Bags On Roll is best for your smaller sized kitchen bins.

Produce Bags for Every Green Grocer

Outpak Resources sells produce bags that every green grocer needs an ample supply of. These rolls need to be placed strategically around the store so that they are easily accessible to customers. Even if you don’t have a roll for every section of produce, it’s good practice to place a sufficient number of rolls around the store so that if customers need a bag at any time during their shop, they only have to look up and around and take a few steps to get one. Keep a good back up supply of these in a location that is known to all team members, so that anyone is able to replenish empty rolls.

Lining Your Cardboard Boxes with Carton Liners

Some products are delicate and should be packed in boxes to avoid being crushed, but at the same time shouldn’t come into contact with the cardboard for whatever reason, hygiene being one of them. In this case you will need to order both cardboard boxes and carton liners. Carton liners do exactly what they imply; cover the carton with a plastic liner before the goods are packed. This can also be useful to prevent small items from becoming lodged under the cardboard flaps and contain them when it comes to removing them from the carton. The carton liner then serves as a bag that can be sealed by tying the top.