Nature’s Adhesives All Around Us

Gaffer tape is only one of many artificial adhesives that people have created over the years. These cannot be compared, however, to the phenomenal adhesives that are found in the natural world around us. Just think about the fine balance of adhesion required for an insect to walk on walls or ceilings. Scientists continue earnestly to study the characteristics of bioadhesives. Why? Because nature can do things we can’t. Take joining surfaces underwater by adhesion, for example, and think for a moment about the implications that has for human surgery in the future.

So What Makes Gaffer Tape Different to the Rest?

Gaffer’s tape is made with an exceptionally strong adhesive on a fabric backing that will stick to almost anything. This makes it a likely option for someone who has no room for error. Situations where it has to stick at all costs. However, just as it adheres strongly to the surface it is applied to, it sticks even more tightly to the fabric it was joined to in the first place; the roll of tape. So you pull off the tape and… voila! All the sticky residue comes with it for a thoroughly clean finish. Easy.

Behind the Scenes

There’s something to be said for a production where everything seems to be going like clockwork. That’s what the viewers are paying for, right? So absorbed are they in the performance that they spend little thought on what is going on behind the scenes. And yet, ‘behind the scenes’ might be happening right next to them. Gaff’s tape does exactly that. The non-reflective fabric background allows it to blend into its dark surroundings, not spoiling the mood. The word we’re looking for is ‘seamless’.

Lights, Camera, Action!

While everyone involved in film production is needed, the head electrician or “gaffer” as he is commonly called, plays a crucial part in the success of the film. Responsible for the implementation of all the lighting on set is no small task and begins long before the cameras start rolling. Set up is crucial. So many considerations – equipment, personnel, time – each with its myriad of variables. His tape is vital. Used to secure countless cables and label all kinds of equipment, it’s no wonder that the gaffer is rarely seen without his roll! Maybe that’s where gaffer tape got its name.

Strong Adhesive, Easy Removal, Clean Finish

Film producers need a tape that is not going to let them down. Gaffer tape’s exceptionally strong adhesive properties does the job. Every time. And when it’s time to pull down the set and pack away all the cables, the tape comes off easily, leaving little or no residue on the surface. It’s a paradox. How can something that sticks so well come off so easily? It’s absurd. But it’s true.

Should You Be Using Gaffer Tape or Duct Tape?

Your choice of tape all comes down to what you want to achieve. Both tapes have a very strong adhesive, but how long do you want it to stay on? If it’s a permanent fixture, duct tape will do the job and is the cheaper option. For temporary solutions we recommend gaff’s tape for its easy on, easy off properties. It’s strong. It’s effective. It’s gaffer tape.