Off-Site Packaging

There are times when doing something in-house just doesn’t make sense. Take packaging, for example. While it’s an essential link in the distribution chain, unless you own an enormous company manufacturing and packaging millions of products every year, it may be hard to justify having your own packaging department. Having said that packaging corporate gifts, festive hampers and even product display packages can be time consuming, costly, and quite frankly, tedious.

Off-site packaging services are a great alternative that can save a lot of time and money. These services can include packing goods into bottles, cans, cartons, sachets, plastic bags and other containers or materials. Some examples of products requiring this sort of packaging are pharmaceutical goods, cosmetics, toiletries, chemical goods, food, beverages and other fast moving consumer goods.

Many Australian manufacturing businesses have opted for off-site packaging services and outsourcing other non-core activities to reduce costs and remain competitive. However, the benefits are not restricted to manufacturing businesses. Start-ups, micro businesses and small to medium enterprises can reap the many rewards of sourcing a dedicated off-site packaging service provider.

For instance, Outpak Resources provides access to skilled personnel without having to recruit and employ them yourself, which means you can save on payroll costs. It also gives your business flexibility. Tap into this service when labour shortages crop up or to keep up with changing customer needs. Outsourcing can help to improve internal and external services whilst freeing up time and other resources for core business activities and can support continuous improvement plans.

Outsourcing packaging locally has added benefits of fast turnarounds, often as fast as the following business day. Outpak Resources collect the products that need to be packaged along with the packaging materials and instructions.

The products are taken offsite, packaged accordingly and returned to your premises. It can make communication and management much easier and less stressful. Even more importantly it provides even more flexibility and cost savings with value added options like order fulfilment. Which means that not only will Outpak complete the packaging but they can distribute your products directly to the intended recipients via post or courier as well.

There are many important factors when considering whether off-site packaging is right for you. Possibly the most significant is the cost savings and there are plenty, from eliminating capital expenditures to recruitment, training and payroll costs. However, there are factors which may be less obvious but equally important to consider.

Besides being cost effective, off-site packaging is a strategic option for business owners and entrepreneurs interested in maximising their resources. The convenience of using an off-site packaging service is undeniable. Likewise, the peace of mind of knowing that your packaging is being taken care of by a reliable and professional team is equally compelling. Imagine meeting customer’s ever changing expectations without making any significant changes to operations. After all, who doesn’t want to stress less while saving time, money and resources? Give us a call or get in touch to discuss your options.